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Liner Notes by Emily Franklin

Laney gets a new job after graduate school and plans on driving cross-country by herself, listening to her old mix tapes and enjoying the solitude. Her mother surprises Laney by asking if she can along for the ride. Her lymphoma caused her to miss out on a great deal of her daughter's life, and now in remission, she wants to reconnect with her eldest child.

Throughout the book, the music plays on. Every tape Laney plays has a story to tell, be it from summer camp or college, and each tape is filled with a mix of golden oldies, modern tunes, and music from Laney's childhood and her teen years.

This book is a rare one - the gimmick is actually well-executed, making this story as good as it sounds. With realistic characters, fantastic flashbacks, and a great soundtrack, you are sure to laugh, cry and sing along with Laney as you read her Liner Notes.

I included this book on my Best Books of 2005 booklist, in the backlist portion.
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