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Playlist: This (Here and Now)

Some people say they have a song in their heart. I definitely do. I always do. I also always have a song in my head. I'm a singer and a songwriter1, and even when I'm not listening to music and/or singing out loud, I'm singing in my head. Music is constant. Music is everpresent. I often wake up with a song in my head, and if it's someone else's song, I'll wake up in the middle of it, like I was just thinking/singing it in my dream and simply switched from asleep to awake without skipping a beat.

This morning, I woke up with This Too Shall Pass by Maria Mena in my brain. As I typed the first word of the title into my music player, multiple songs appeared - 18 songs, to be exact - and I thought, "Let's just listen to them all." The playlist was as follows:

Consider This by Anna Nalick
This Land is Mine by Dido
Is This All? by Jonatha Brooke
This Empty Room by Lucy Woodward
Trust Me (You Don’t Want to See This) by Lucy Woodward
Is This Hollywood by Lucy Woodward
This Bottle of Wine by Maria Mena
All This Time (The Pick-Me-Up song) by Maria Mena
This Too Shall Pass by Maria Mena
Never Let This Go by Paramore
Around This Corner by Sarah Harmer
This Time by Chantal Kreviazuk
This is Your Life by Switchfoot
This is How It Feels by The Veronicas
This Love by The Veronicas
I Could Get Used to This by The Veronicas
- and the entire Jimmy Eat World album entitled Chase This Light

It's interesting to note how many of these songs are upbeat and optimistic, dealing not only with living in the now but getting some sort of closure, letting the past be the past and moving on. It's also interesting that three of my favorite contemporary artists - Lucy Woodward, Maria Mena, and The Veronicas - appear three times each, and that there's an entire album there as well, thanks to the boys of Jimmy Eat World.

If you want to check out other playlists I've created, most of which act as soundtracks to books or themes, click here.

(1) I write both contemporary songs and musicals. I write both lyrics and music. They come simultaneously. I'm aware that this isn't completely common, and that I'm lucky.
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