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Little Willow [userpic]

Just 1 Book

May 7th, 2012 (08:51 pm)
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As reported by Melissa Walker at I Heart Daily and readergirlz:

When Sarah Dewitz, 12, from Orlando, Florida, learned about a town next to hers that was facing a lot of hardship and poverty, she immediately thought about the kids and what they had to do without. She wondered if they had access to books.

Then she had an idea: If every child at her school donated "just one book," it would amount to 763 books that could go to the neighboring town! In her proposal to her school principal, she wrote, "I want to do this because if I was a child who did not have any books to read I would not be as smart as I am today. When I read books it makes me feel like I am an entirely different person and the world escapes my mind... If this is what books do for me, imagine what it can do for other children and the difference it would make in their lives..."

Read Melissa's entire post.

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