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Little Willow [userpic]

Poetry Friday: A Big Waste by Jennifer L. Holm

August 31st, 2012 (07:26 am)

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I think
getting up at six AM
to eat cold cereal
so I can walk to the
bus stop by six forty-five
and wait for a bus
that shows up at seven-fifteen
to get to school
by seven forty-five
in order to wait in homeroom
until eight AM
so I can listen to
dumb announcements
is pretty much
two whole hours
of my life
that are waste
when I could be sleeping.
(Especially since I could bike
to school in like ten minutes
if my mom would let me!)

- A Big Waste from Eighth Grade is Making Me Sick by Jennifer L. Holm, illustrated by Elicia Castaldi

In this book, the protagonist, Ginny, responds to a Poetry Friday writing prompt in her Language Arts class. Poems appear throughout the book, written in Ginny's handwriting, with encouraging comments written in the margins by her teacher. This particular poem, "A Big Waste," appears on page 18. I loved seeing Poetry Friday in a novel!

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