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Squish #4: Captain Disaster by Jennifer L. Holm and Matt Holm

I greatly enjoy the works of Jennifer L. Holm, ranging from her serious novels such as The Creek to her adorable and hilarious graphic novel series Babymouse, which she works on with her brother, Matthew Holm. This awesome sibling duo have teamed up again to create a graphic novel series, Squish. The newest volume, #4: Captain Disaster, recently landed in my hands, and I'm so glad that it did! It does not disappoint. Babymouse fans will definitely enjoy it.

Squish is an animated amoeba, going to grade school (of course) and wearing a baseball cap (naturally). When he and his friends end up on the same soccer team, Squish learns about teamwork as well as what it takes to make a good captain. This is a great book to give to kids who have just joined a sports team. With the Holms' trademark style (black and white, with one accent color, this series using lime green) and silly snark (pointed comments, literally, with arrows), this book will get kids giggling. I look forward to reading more books in the series.

My favorite supporting character was Peggy the paramecium. This will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, since Peggy is a bright-eyed, happy little thing who all but bounces off of the page with her energy and good cheer.

My favorite line from the book: "If you give me the Twinkie, I'll have the energy to figure out how to harness lightning." - Pod, page 13

Check out the ginormous "WOOT!" on page 64. Gotta love a group exclamation.

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