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Poetry Friday: Wisdom (It Was A Night Of Early Spring) by Sara Teasdale

It was a night of early spring,
The winter-sleep was scarcely broken;
Around us shadows and the wind
Listened for what was never spoken.

Though half a score of years are gone,
Spring comes as sharply now as then -
But if we had it all to do
It would be done the same again.

It was a spring that never came;
But we have lived enough to know
That what we never have, remains;
It is the things we have that go.

- Wisdom (It Was A Night Of Early Spring) by Sara Teasdale

I just discovered this poem thanks to composer Ryan O'Connell, who wrote the score for a film I appeared in earlier this year. He also writes chamber music, and he recently published a beautiful arrangement of this poem-turned-song: Click here to see the sheet music and listen to the USC Thorton Chamber Singers perform the piece.

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