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Why I Vote

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Four years ago, Colleen Mondor and Lee Wind set up the blogging event Blog the Vote. Today, Colleen is holding a similar event, this time called Why I Vote. The aim is simple: encourage people to vote (and please register to vote if you haven't already!) and for bloggers to post about why they personally think voting matters.

What I said before still holds true:

Your Vote Counts

Every single vote counts.

Your vote counts.

If you are eligible to vote, please do. Registering only takes a few minutes. Voting only takes a few minutes. The result of those votes will have a direct impact on your life, your community, your nation, and your world.

If you are eligible, please become a registered voter. Become an active voter. Become an educated voter. Research the candidates, the propositions, the positions, and the topics addressed in this coming election so that you will really know everyone and everything on the ballot.

The location of your polling place is printed on the election-related pamphlet(s) you got in the mail. Bring that pamphlet and your ID card with you to the polls.

There's really no excuse not to vote. Do not say you're too busy to vote. Your voice, your mind, your rights, and your opportunities are important. Voting doesn't take that long. Tuesday has 24 hours in it, and many polling places are open at least 12 hours on Election Day. That means you have plenty of time to vote and plenty of time to work, sleep, and play. Please make the time to vote.

If you work and don't have that day off, don't worry. There are laws in the majority of the United States which grant employees time off to vote.

You can also go before or after work. Let me break it down for you: If you work mid-day or at night, go before work. If you work in the day, go after work. If your workplace is near your polling place, you might even go on your lunch break. Take a few minutes out of your day to prove that you are a proud, informed citizen.

For those unable to get to a polling place the day of the election, there are other ways to vote, such as absentee ballots and mail-in ballots, which you may fill out while in the comfort of your own home. You may wear your pajamas and eat ice cream while casting your vote for positions and propositions which will touch you, your family, your friends, and your country.

Do you know how many people, how many nations wish they could say the same?

I will be voting. I hope you will, too.

If you post about this on your blog, please share your link with Colleen at Chasing Ray.

If you tweet about this on Twitter, use the hashtag #whyivote
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