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Soul Survivor by Christopher Golden

Body of Evidence Soul Survivor by Christopher GoldenWould you save the life of a stranger, even if it meant putting your own in jeopardy? What would you do to stay alive? Things ramp up in Soul Survivor, the third book in the Body of Evidence series, as forensic pathology assistant Jenna Blake and her team get involved in an investigation that tangles rituals with intentions and brings readers right into crime scenes and autopsies.

We first met Jenna in Body Bags, the start of the Body of Evidence series. After suffering a personal tragedy in the second book, Thief of Hearts, Jenna has decided to keep her job at the M.E.'s office. Though she can't bring back the dead, she can help speak for the victims by solving their murders and bringing the killers to justice. As always, Golden offers a story filled with intrigue. While Jenna studies the details of this particular series of murders, she and the other characters thoughtfully consider and discuss different cultures and their views on life, death, and the afterlife.

Not everything is life and death. Some lines will make you look at the person across from you and say hello. Consider this simple quote from the prologue:

The moon was full, and it shimmered on the river.

That made me look up at the sky and smile. I hope you'll do the same.

Check out all of the Body of Evidence books. There are ten, beginning with Body Bags. Fans of murder mysteries, procedurals, and medical thrillers will find themselves quickly pulled into Jenna's world, and this series is a great recommendation for readers looking for stories with a young adult protagonist trying to forge her own path in this crazy world.

Soul Survivor is now available as an eBook!
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Official book flap summary:

"There's nothing magical about murder..."

Santeria markings. Hindu magick. Druidic runes. Japanese mysticism. The latest series of murders in Somerset has everyone confused, including the local police and the Medical Examiner's office. They seem to be the work of one killer, but each murder has a completely different, ritualized, M.O.

Working alongside her boss, Dr. Slikowski, Jenna Blake is back on the research trail, trying to discover the identity of the killer. Unfortunately, Jenna is still grieving over the murder of her friend Melody, and is becoming distracted by her growing feelings for Somerset detective Danny Mariano.

Jenna needs to do some serious soul-searching. Her mind isn't on the job. But if she doesn't start paying attention, and find the connection between these ritual murders, Jenna may not survive her first semester.

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