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Which Door Would You Choose?

I just spotted this meme on my friend Kiba's page and had to respond:

You find yourself in front of seven identical doors. A voice from above tells you, "These seven doors lead to seven different places: Narnia, Neverland, Wonderland, Hogwarts, Camelot, Middle Earth, and Westeros." Which door do you go through? Why that door? What happens?

I would go through the door to Wonderland without hesitation. I have always loved Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and count it as one of my top ten books of all time. The character of Alice and I have a lot in common, beginning with our curiosity and continuing with our adoration of cats, a thirst for knowledge, and sheer determination. I would love to wander through Wonderland and interact with different characters from the books, especially the White Rabbit, the Gryphon, and the Cheshire Cat. My favorite minor characters include the Frog Footman (who utters one of my favorite lines in the book: "Or next day, maybe") and Bill the Lizard. I'd rescue the hedgehogs from the croquet games and delight in the chess game. I have wondered if the chess game in Harry Potter was at all inspired by that in Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There. Plus, I really love the hallway of doors in Wonderland. Just look at the icon I'm using for this post!

Neverland would be my second choice. They don't call me Tinker Bell for nothing. (Seriously, Tink is one of my nicknames.) Energetic, feisty, headstrong, and magical, Tink is one of my two favorite fictional fairies, the other being Tiki from the novel The Fairy Rebel. Three cheers for lively little things!

Narnia would be my third choice. I'd hang out with Lucy and Aslan.

And you, gentle reader? Which door do you select, and why?

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