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Skin Deep by Christopher Golden and Rick Hautala

Body of EvidenceAnother Body of Evidence thriller is now available as an e-book, and it's one of my favorites in the series!

Skin Deep by Christopher Golden and Rick Hautala

"A girl is dead, and one of your best friends got his head cracked with a shovel, because some white guy didn't want to see them kiss.."

When Jenna and Damon first began dating, neither worried too much about the other's skin color. After all, Somerset is a pretty liberal college environment. But when a black couple is attacked by a white man on campus, race relations become cause for frenzied peace rallies, protests, and debate for the entire student body. Suddenly, Jenna has her hands full investigating the attack - and defending her interracial romance...

Then a white student turns up dead at the hands of a black assailant.

As racial tension reaches a fever pitch on campus, the crimes continue, growing increasingly brutal. Strangely, in each case no two witnesses can form the same description of the perpetrator.

The people are looking for two young men. Until one assailant, pronounced dead at the crime scene, disappears...

Get it from
Get it from

Skin Deep is so good, people. If it opens up just one person's eyes...

Want a mash-up between Law & Order: SVU and CSI? Look no further: Grab all ten books in the Body of Evidence series by Christopher Golden and Rick Hautala. I enjoy and recommend them all, but if I had to pick my two favorites, they would be Body Bags, the first book in the line, and Skin Deep, volume six. When a rash of hate crimes spreads like wildfire across Somerset, Jenna finds herself caught up in the middle of it for multiple reasons: one, she's the Medical Examiner's assistant and thus must assist with the autopsies of the victims, and two, she's a white girl dating a black guy. None of their close friends seemed to mind the pair dating, but some of them begin to show their true colors, no pun intended, when these crimes strike close to home. This thoughtful book will hopefully prompt discussions between readers, friends, and families, and encourage people to connect and care for others not because of the color of their skin, but because of who they are, truly.

Skin Deep also has some amazing quotes, including this:

There was magic in the world again. Hope.

If this is your first foray into this series, make sure you pick up the rest of the books, beginning with Body Bags.
You won't be disappointed! The Body of Evidence thrillers have been praised by critics and gentle readers alike, noted for their realistic dialogue and clever, creative plot twists.
Collect 'em all!

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