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Interview: Jessica Day George

In 2007, Miss Erin and I conducted an interview with Jessica Day George to discuss her novel Dragon Slippers and some of our favorite foreign fairy tales. Today, I'm catching up with Jessica as she celebrates the release of her book Wednesdays in the Tower.

Thanks for stopping by Bildungsroman on your blog tour, Jessica! Your newest book, Wednesdays in the Tower, is a sequel to Tuesdays at the Castle. Did you always plan for this story to be a series?

I knew when I was writing Tuesdays that there was potential for more adventures in Castle Glower. Not long after finishing Tuesdays, I hit on a great idea for number two, and while I was writing Wednesdays, I thought of something for number three!

Some of your novels are series while others are stand-alones. Has there ever been a time when response (from fans, publishers, etc) really pushed for a sequel, but you held firm to keeping something singular?

I get mail daily asking for a fourth Dragon Slippers book, or for me to do all twelve princesses. But I won’t write a book that I don’t have a great idea for, one I’m excited about writing, so those are staying as trilogies . . . for now.

What makes you so comfortable writing in the fantasy genre?

Fantasy allows you to deal with danger, and tragedy, and other strong elements, but it gives you just enough distance that it’s more comfortable for the reader and the writer.

Are there any other genres you'd love to tackle? Or non-fiction, even.

I've played around with Regency romance - I'd love to publish a couple one day.

Fairy tale retellings are a hot commodity on both the big screen and the TV screen these days. Have you watched Once Upon a Time or Grimm?

I love Once Upon a Time! But I’m a couple of episodes behind, so NO SPOILERS!

I will hold my tongue... *cough* *cough* Let me know when you've caught up.

My sister loves Grimm, I think I’ll have to start watching!

Enjoy the shows. What are you working on presently?

I'm working on Thursdays in the Something Something! It’s gonna be awesome!

I bet it will! Good luck with it. Do you like to listen to music when you write, or do you prefer natural sounds (the chaos or calm of your household, or writing in a public place) or total silence?

It depends. If I can find the right music, I will listen to the same songs over and over again. When I'm editing, though, I can't listen to anything, and I wear noise canceling headphones to work.

Do you write longhand or on a computer?

I have to write on a computer, my handwriting is too terrible for even me to read!

And finally: What makes you happiest?

Good books!

A virtual-high five for that last response, Jessica. :)

She also told me that readers can order signed, personalized books from The King's English in Salt Lake City at any time. How cool is that? Click here to order signed Jessica Day George books from The King's English.

Visit Jessica's website and blog.

Read my previous interview with Jessica Day George.
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