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Magic Zero: Ghostfire by Thomas E. Sniegoski and Christopher Golden

Ghostfire by Thomas E. Sniegoski and Christopher GoldenGhostfire, the third installment in the Magic Zero series by bestselling authors Thomas E. Sniegoski and Christopher Golden, is now available. Ghostfire continues the adventure of Timothy, a young boy who feels both cursed and blessed by his unique ability. This action-packed fantasy series is not only for Harry Potter fans, but also for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider. Imagine if everyone else in the world could do something you couldn't. That's Timothy. And now, as the stakes rise in the next-to-last book in the series, he must find the strength that's inside him to protect those he cares about and make a place for himself in this strange, amazing, dangerous, beautiful world.

As I said in my earlier review: At the core of the story, you've got a boy who becomes an unlikely hero in a world filled with magic. The really cool flip in Magic Zero, what sets it apart from other books starring a Young Boy on a Magic Quest, is that Timothy's the only person who cannot wield magic. Also, we know this going into the book, rather than being a loss or gain of powers somewhere along the way. Magic Zero is inventive, the premise well-developed and executed. Just wait 'til you see what happens when Timothy approaches a door protected by magic. Also, there are dragons, robots, talking animals, and more, more, more. Steampunk aficionados, check out the alternate sources of energy used in these books; Star Wars fans, prepare thyself for a battle of epic proportions.

Read all four books in the series:
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Dragon Secrets
Battle for Arcanum - coming in August!

Here's the official book flap summary for Ghostfire:

The battle lines are drawn - and only Timothy can cross them. Despite shunning Timothy since his arrival in Arcanum, the government has now turned to him for help. Raptus, the vicious leader of the dragon race called the Wurm, is determined to break through the magical barrier that separates his world from Sunderland and exact vengeance upon the mages. The Wurms need Timothy's unique form of non-magic - his ability to invent things - to prepare for the inevitable battle.

Timothy sets out with his mentor, Leander, to the site of the barrier, but over the course of the trip Leander's behavior evolves from erratic to dangerous - so much so that Cassandra is named Grandmaster of the Order of Alhazred. Can Timothy and Cassandra find the source of the Leander's transformation before it destroys them all?

Get the Magic Zero series online now!

Magic Zero Magic Zero Dragon Secrets Magic Zero GhostfireMagic Zero Ghostfire

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