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Taylor Morris has a new look!

Author Taylor Morris has a new book series coming out in September. In celebration, I gave her website a new blue hue. We hope you like it!

Here's the scoop on Recipe for Adventure: Taylor Morris joins celebrity chef and Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis to write a new series about how food can take you places. When Zia Donatella comes to live with the Bertolizzi family, little do Alfie and his older sister Emilia know what's in store for them. Zia Dontella is determined to show the kids how a home-cooked meal is better than even the best take-out pizza or burrito. And when Zia's plan actually transports Alfie and Emilia to famous food cities around the world, they learn first-hand how food can not only take you places but can also bring you back home.

The first two books, Naples and Paris, will be available on September 3rd.

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