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Storm Warning by Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski

Main Entry: force majeure
Function: noun
1: superior or irresistable force
2: an event or effect that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled

Can you imagine conducting research that you thought could help people and truly help the world, then have that research used against people instead? Can you imagine seeing something you created being used for evil?

That's what happens to college student Shane Monroe in Storm Warning, a truly thrilling (and chilling) thriller from the creative minds of Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski. Primarily known for their works in the sci-fi/fantasy/horror fields, with Storm Warning, Golden and Sniegoski prove that they can also raise the hairs on the back of your neck without any supernatural elements whatsoever.

Intelligent and dedicated, Shane never meant any harm with his research. Quite the opposite, in fact. He thought the project he was selected for would lead to something great (or at least cool) for the field of
meteorology. But when his work is used to create so-called natural disasters, Shane knows better. With the lives of innocents hanging in the balance - his loved ones among them - the stakes couldn't be higher. Fueled by guilt, storms, and Nikola Tesla tidbits, with the protagonist-on-the-run heartbeat-accelerating storyline of a good action movie, this Storm Warning needs be to addressed - because it's awesome, literally and figuratively.

Here's the official book flap summary:

Shane Monroe is on the run from the only force more unpredictable than Mother Nature -- the U.S. government...

Twenty-year-old genius Shane Monroe has his life laid out before him. As part of an accelerated program, he is working on a major research project for a brain trust studying weather patterns. Shane's job is to replicate a tornado through artificial means. When he manages to do just that, however, the course of his life is forever altered. His superiors want to know if he can do it "bigger -- big enough to drop on an enemy village and call it an act of God."

Shane knows what he has to do. He shuts down his storm, switches majors, and leaves the lab behind.

He is midway through his next semester when he reads of a rash of natural disasters in South America. There is no doubt in his mind: This is his fault. His notes have been confiscated and his work replicated. Now Shane is on the run, from the government, friends, and even once-trusted mentors. What began as a reputable weather study has, with the force of a tornado, taken on an unstoppable life of its own...
  Previously titled Force Majeure.

Available at
Available at

...and yes, I am purposely listening to Earthquake Weather by Matt Nathanson while I type this. Great books deserve great theme songs.

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