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Little Willow [userpic]

Magic Zero: Battle for Arcanum by Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski

August 27th, 2013 (07:22 am)

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It's always sad when a great series comes to an end, but when it has a satisfying conclusion which delivers on its promise and leaves you cheering for your favorite character(s), that's the best kind of ending.

Battle for Arcanum is the final volume in Magic Zero, a magnificent four-book series by Thomas E. Sniegoski and Christopher Golden. All of the Magic Zero books kept me turning pages at a rapid pace. The final battle includes dragons and robots and swordfights (oh my!) and tests Timothy's strength - meaning his strength of character as well as his "un-magic" powers. Cassandra continues to be awesome, as she should be, and the well-named raven, Edgar, keeps talking back. The repercussions of the magical brownout are felt far and wide, and Timothy's world is forever changed.

Check out the cover of the book. Timothy is left-handed!

The official book jacket summary for Battle for Arcanum reads as follows:

Is this the end? Timothy and Cassandra may have beaten the evil sorcerer Alhazred, but their problems aren't over. Alhazred was so tied to the matrix of energy that his death has caused a magical brownout, dimming all the sorcerous power there is, both in people and in lights. The brownout also caused a weakening in the dimensional barrier that kept the Wurm out of Arcanum. For the first time in decades the Wurm have the chance to exact their bloody vengeance upon the mages who sought to destroy them. Can Timothy and Cassandra end the feud before the Wurm devastate Arcanum?

Magic Zero Magic Zero Dragon Secrets Magic Zero Ghostfire Magic Zero Battle for Arcanum

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