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Poetry Friday: Souvenirs by Orla Gartland

Yearning, yearning for the past
It's like we're always burning
Through the hourglass
(Like we always do, like we always do)
Learning, learning as we go
It's like we're always searching
For the seeds we've sown

Stuck in the rhythm, same every day
Looking at pictures I know I should put away
Building towers to break 'em back down
We're framing the moment
Ties that keep us bound

Days and nights
And the best of times
We keep our memories like souvenirs
When we were kids,
Did you think that it would all come back to this?
Looking back
Oh, looking back
And you know, and they know,
That we just don't wanna be forgotten

- selected lyrics from Souvenirs by Orla Gartland

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