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Little Willow [userpic]

Poetry Friday: When I go to orchestra rehearsals by Barbara Newhall Follett

February 13th, 2015 (06:00 am)

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Current Song: Got Paid by Katy B x Zinc x Wiley

When I go to orchestra rehearsals,
there are often several passages for the
Triangle and Tambourine together.
When they are together,
they sound like a big piece of metal
that has broken in thousandths
and is falling to the ground.

- Barbara Newhall Follett

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Posted by: Mary Lee Hahn (Mary Lee Hahn)
Posted at: February 15th, 2015 01:54 pm (UTC)

And sometimes the orchestra warming up sounds like a car wreck!

Posted by: Little Willow (slayground)
Posted at: February 15th, 2015 04:21 pm (UTC)

Click the link I provided in the writer's name for the story of her life...

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