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Tin Men by Christopher Golden

Christopher Golden's novel Tin Men hits stores today - and it's hitting hard. Here's the mini-summary from the publisher:

Brad Thor meets Avatar in this timely military thriller for the drone age, which spins the troubles of today into the apocalypse of tomorrow. A rocket ride of a read packed with high action, cutting-edge technology, and global politics, Tin Men begins with the end of the world as we know it and takes off from there.

Now, in my own words:

At the start of Tin Men, we met Private First Class Danny Kelso, a member of the Remote Infantry Corps, American soldiers who control robotic counterparts from hundreds and thousands of miles away - a way for supersoldiers to be present and active in war zones without the actual humans there in person. One of those soldiers is Corporal Kate Wade, whose lost her legs in active duty prior to joining the RIC. In real  life, she operates a wheelchair, but for eight hours a day, while in "full-metal-jacket-mode," Kate can walk, she can run, even faster than she used to. While Danny, Kate, and their fellow soldiers are actually on a base in Germany, encapsulated, with their containers and vital signs carefully monitored by technicians, the Tin Men are in Damascus, Syria, scouring the streets.

When anarchists strike Syria, attacking civilians and Tin Men alike, the soldiers realize they may not be as indestructible as they once thought. We see the effects of the attack as it spreads throughout Syria, where teenager Alexa Day has just arrived to visit her father, a US Ambassador, and as it reaches Athens, where the President of the United States and other world leaders have gathered for the G20 Summit. Meanwhile, back in Germany, a technician named Aimee discovers everything at the base is not what it seems to be. As the survivors attempt to make it out of the city alive and the soldiers fight to stop the anarchists, dissention in the ranks threatens to tear the Tin Men apart from the inside out.

I love sci-fi stories that are based in science and technology, stories that present us with possible, plausible situations that stir up society as we know it - I adored the original Twilight Zone and was intrigued by Black Mirror - and Tin Men is right in that category. Christopher Golden's take on technology, society, and responsibility will make you think about very real near-future possibilities. Are all of these advancements in medicine, military, and media doing more harm that good? Fueled by strong characters made stronger through interwoven stories, Tin Men will open your eyes to how the world could be, for better or worse, because of human decisions and indecision, action and inaction.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Bonus points for those willing to discuss the various Cybermen storylines from Doctor Who with me.

Read an excerpt from TIN MEN by Christopher Golden.

Check out the awesome reviews TIN MEN has received. (Yay, Publishers Weekly!)

If you're on the East Coast, drop by the book's launch parties:

Tuesday, June 23rd at 7 PM
River Run Bookstore
Portsmouth, NH

Thursday, June 25th at 7 PM
Haverhill Public Library
Haverhill, MA

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