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braced2bite by Serena Robar

"I don't like the thought of getting staked before being named Homecoming Queen, so we all have some adjusting to do, don't we?"

braced2bite, a teen comedy written by Serena Robar, introduces us to Colby, a popular high school cheerleader. She has a nice family, cool friends, and good grades. She has her sights set on a cute classmate and is hoping he'll ask her to the Homecoming dance. Basically, she's a blond version of Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell.

That is, until she's bitten by a vampire after the big game. She fights back - a part that made me cheer - against a boy who appears to be about her age, but ultimately loses consciousness. When she awakens, she stumbles home and shocks her parents. She's been gone for days, and her gray eyes have turned yellow. Enter her great-aunt, a retired nurse who has seen it all and holds nothing back. She promptly declares Colby a vampire.

Well, she's only half-right, as the family soon learns. Two Vampire Investigators come to see Colby and explain that she's a half-vampire, something the Council frowns upon. Not only does she have to speak before this immortal Council and fight for the right to keep living, but she also has to buy sunscreen to protect her from the sun's harmful rays, get color contacts to cover up her yellow irises - and, don't forget, snag a date for Homecoming!

Thankfully, Colby is far more Girl Next Door than Valley Girl. Though she is lighthearted, she is not vapid, and she has plenty of potential to grow as a character throughout the next two books in this series. Colby will trade her pom poms for Greek letters in the next book, fangs4freaks, when she heads to college and leads a sorority filled with other half-bloods. I hope it's just as light and fluffy as this book is; we all need escapism from time to time.

Ultimately, braced2bite is an easy read combining comedy, romance, and vampires. Pre-teens and teens looking for a vampire story that relies more on laughs than frights will enjoy it.

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