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Show your support for Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers

Anyone who regularly reads my blog knows that I enjoy the books of Courtney Summers. You'll also know that I do not like it when books get banned. I get very upset. So when I learned that Courtney's novel Some Girls Are was pulled from West Ashley High School's recommended reading list - and note that it was a recommendation, not a requirement, for their summer reading program - I was very upset, on behalf of the author who wrote it, the teachers who recommended it, and the students who deserve the chance/choice to read it and discuss it. Some Girls Are is a powerful book about telling the truth, not being shamed into silence.

In an effort to get the book to the students who want to read it, Kelly Jensen from the book blog Stacked is collecting copies of Some Girls Are to send to the town's library, where people may check it out for free. In Kelly's own words:

Let's do something together with our collective reader, intellectual freedom loving power, shall we?
Can we get this book into the hands of kids of West Ashley who want it?

If you'd like to donate a copy of the book, please visit Stacked to learn more. Kelly will be collecting the books until August 17th, then she'll ship them out.
Here's more information from Kelly:

Some Girls Are is currently $1.99 on Book Outlet, and What Goes Around, which is a bind-up of Summers's Cracked Up To Be and Some Girls Are is $1. Right now, there are over 200 copies between the two of these books on Book Outlet. Let's make them all disappear.

Can you spring $1 or $2 or $10 to get this book to these kids? It seems like a cheap way to tell these teenagers that their voices -- their lives -- really do matter.

Go Kelly.
Go Andria.
Go Courtney.
Go readers.
Let freedom read.

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