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Louise Trapeze Is Totally 100% Fearless by Micol Ostow, illustrated by Brigette Barrager

Louise Trapeze performs with her parents in the Sweet Potato Circus, but only her parents are allowed to fly from one trapeze to another, while Louise has to do her tricks on one low bar that doesn't swing. Louise's mama and daddy have always said that she'll be allowed to perform on the real flying trapeze when she's nine years old - which seems so far away when you're six-almost-seven years old - but the night before her seventh birthday, they tell her they are going to let her perform on a higher-than-usual trapeze now instead of later! Finally, her dream is coming true!

...except the thought of getting on that new trapeze, which is so high in the air and so far above the net, makes Louise just a little bit nervous. She realizes she might be just a little bit scared of heights! She doesn't tell anyone - not her parents, not her best friend, Stella - and she doesn't want to admit it to herself, because she wants to be a big kid and an awesome performer. But how can she do that when even the thought of getting on that so-high-up trapeze makes the butterflies in her stomach flutter so, so hard?

Louise Trapeze Is Totally 100% Fearless, the first book in a new series for young readers, is sure to delight youngsters who can't wait to be a "big kid" and want to do "grown up" stuff, but are a little nervous, worried, or scared about growing up or feel like they are not physically or emotionally capable to do the things they want so badly to do. Think of the kid who wants to ride a bike but is scared to take off the training wheels.

Written by Micol Ostow, who also writes young adult novels, this sweet story is accompanied by Brigette Barrager's black, white, and pink illustrations. Barrager's style perfectly compliments this story and setting, and it's lovely to see a wide variety of characters, people and critters alike, that are big and tall, short and small, all different shades and sizes. It also must be said that Stella's hair is enviable! Look closely at the illustrations for a nod to Uni the Unicorn, a book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal which Brigette Barrager also illustrated, as well as a reference to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. ([Spoiler (click to open)]One of the characters in the Sweet Potato Circus shares a name with a beloved pet from Sunnydale!)

Louise Trapeze Did NOT Lose the Juggling Chickens, the next book in the series, will be available in 2016.

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