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Totally Crushed by Kristen Tracy

All I wanted was a happy life. With my best friend. And my sister. And a great Halloween costume. And for Javier to be a better leader. And no more tasks. And an A on my Lake Pend Oreille presentation. And get As in all my classes. And all my Big Boo pictures to turn out. And also the thing with Drea and Hayes to be ancient history. I hardly wanted anything at all.

Kristen Tracy's novel Project (Un)Popular introduced readers to Perry, a seventh grade girl who was super excited to join the yearbook staff alongside her best friend, Venice. Then they met Anya, an intimidating eighth grader who tried to boss them around and get the yearbook to focus on popular kids. Perry was determined to make sure the unpopular kids got their fair share of coverage, too - even if it upset the popular older kids and made her lower on the popularity totem pole in the process.

Perry's misadventures continue in Totally Crushed, a totally worthy sequel. Social interaction can be tricky no matter how old you are, and it can definitely be tricky when you're in middle school. With her older sister off at college and her best friend dating a boy, Perry feels more alone than ever. Then a geeky girl befriends her sister (and borrows her clothes!), a boy she doesn't really like seems to have a crush on her, and her duties at yearbook keep piling on. Between the yearbook photos, school projects, social media, parental interaction, and Halloween events, it's all a little overwhelming. Perry has a great mix of good intentions and honest reactions, which get her both in and out of trouble, and Kristen Tracy's signature sense of humor is a lot of fun. If you're looking for some fun books to put in the hands of pre-teen readers, snatch up those two titles and keep your fingers crossed for a third!

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