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I Read YA Week

Good morning, fellow YA fans! It's time for I Read YA Week. From July 9th-15th, Scholastic is encouraging readers and authors to engage and connect using the hashtag #FindYourStory Here's what they had to say about this year's theme:

The #FindYourStory initiative celebrates beautiful and empowering stories that inspire readers to find themselves and who they're meant to be in this world. Over the course of the campaign, our YA authors and our YA community of readers will join forces on social to speak to the importance of telling authentic stories that encourage young people to practice self-acceptance, self-empowerment, and self-love.

Connect on social media:

Throughout the week, authors will be posting videos related to this theme, using the #FindYourStory hashtag.

IReadYA will also be posting daily social challenges on Instagram:

Monday, July 9th: Screenshot & fill out a "This Is MY Story" designed graphic with the 5 words that sum up your real-life story
Tuesday, July 10th: Share your favorite literary quote on self-acceptance.
Wednesday, July 11th: Snap a photo of a book featuring a character whose personal journey resembles your own.
Thursday, July 12th: Screenshot & fill out a designed graphic with the 3 reasons why your favorite YA character is an inspiration to you.
Friday, July 13th: Snap a photo of the last book you read that made you feel good about yourself.
Saturday, July 14th: Snap a photo of a stack of books made up of authors whose stories make you feel empowered.
Sunday, July 15: Snap a photo of an inspiring coming-of-age story you’d recommend to a friend and tag your book bestie in your post.

If you participate in these challenges, tag @IReadYA and use the hashtag #FindYourStory - Also follow @IReadYA on Twitter and Tumblr.

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