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Book Fair for Two D.C. Schools

Reposting from Colleen at Chasing Ray:

We have shifted our annual book fair for Ballou Senior High School over here and added their "feeder" school, Charles Hart Middle School, to the project. Our goal, as always, is to get books onto the shelves of Washington DC school libraries that need them and I hope lots of you are onboard this year to help us make 2018 our best book fair ever.

Like many schools across the country, Ballou and Hart both struggle to find money in the budget for books the students want to read. That is where our annual book fair can make such a difference: the lists are created/approved/designed by the school librarians, Melissa Jackson and Nijma Esad. The students at Ballou also chime in with books they longing to read and what we ultimately end up with are lists for two schools that are wholly unique and 100% suited to their student bodies. [These schools] are located in high poverty areas of our nation's capitol, their student bodies do not have much access to books, and their budgets are stretched thin covering a zillion other things the students need.

How to help: Click the links below to purchase books for each school!

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