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Ghosts of Albion: Astray by Christopher Golden and Amber Benson

Ghosts of Albion: Astray allows readers to spend more time with Tamara and William Swift, siblings in Victorian England who have pledged to protect their home and country from the things that go bump in the night. Astray pits the Swifts, along with Farris, their loyal butler, and the ghost of Queen Bodicea against Wild Edric's army and faerie princesses as they attempt to rescue seven babies and return them to their homes, where changelings lay in their cribs.

This story was originally released as an online serial at the BBC website in both text format and as an audio production narrated by Jasmine Hyde, who portrayed Tamara in the earlier GoA animated projects. Though I enjoyed reading it and listening to it online, I love having this bound version of Initiation. Thank you, Subterranean Press, for making it possible.

Best line:
"Because we must, William," Tamara said. "This is our time. Somewhere there is another little girl running across a field. It's for her that we fight, so she will never know what we know."

Ghosts of Albion productions and books:
Legacy - original animated production, online
Embers - second animated production, online
Astray - novella and audio, online, then printed book
Illusions - short story, online (with a story from Nigel's POV that predates Legacy)
Initiation - printed book which combines Illusions, Legacy, and Embers
Accursed - full-length novel
Witchery - full-length novel

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